Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is Looking Like Cottage Cheese Dumped In A Trash Bag

Kim Kardashian proved why she is always having her butt airbrushed and it is because no one cares to see the real thing, unless they are nauseous and needing to vomit. Well, except for her ghetto husband Kanye West, who has proven to be anything but a leading authority when it comes to style.

On Sunday Kim paraded her bare, rhinoceros-sized butt for all the world to see during a holiday excursion in Mexico with her sister. The Kardashian’s became famous after a sex tape of Kim was released online in which she was seen in all of her white trash glory because make no mistake, that is exactly what the Kardashian’s are – glorified white trash.

After Kim complained that her friends were ‘fat-shaming’ her over unairbrushed pictures of her hourglass figure, Kanye West’s wife decided she would ‘show them’ and slipped on a thong. If you ask me, it probably had the exact opposite effect of what she was hoping.

I must warn you, both friend and foe, the grotesque photographs are quite the sight to behold.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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