‘Kill Them All, Slit Their Throats’: ISIS Warns of Terror Attacks in These States

Just days after two men were arrested in Arizona who were planning on carrying out terrorist attacks in support of the Islamic State a new warning has been issued for the Western world.

Apparently, this terrorist organization has called out its latest targets and they include New York City, San Francisco and London.

Here is more from Daily Mail:

ISIS supporters have threatened fresh attacks on the West in chilling propaganda posters showing attacks on London, New York and San Francisco. 

The mocked-up images show the Palace of Westminster on fire in Britain and a terrorist wearing a suicide bomb in Manhattan. 

They were shared on ISIS-linked media channels and obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors jihadist content. 

In one poster, the murderous jihadists urge their followers to ‘kill them all’ and ‘slit their throats [and] watch them die’. 

The words are imposed on an image of an ISIS supporter waving the terror group’s black flag in the streets of San Francisco.  

Another threatening image promises to ‘destroy the kuffar’ – an Arabic term for non-Muslims or infidels. 

‘Through our blood comes our success and we will give it our best to destroy the kuffar – we will slaughter them all,’ the message reads. 

The words caption an image of a suicide bomb-wearing terrorist next to what appears to be one of New York City’s trademark yellow taxis.  

ISIS was forced out of its last holdout in Syria in March but security chiefs have warned the terror group and its devotees still pose a threat to the West. 

Earlier this month ISIS backers released a chilling online poster showing a blazing fire ripping through a crumbling Houses of Parliament. 

A hooded figure armed with a pistol was shown lurking nearby, seemingly poised to carry out a further killing spree. 

The terror group also seized gleefully on Europe’s widespread horror at the Notre Dame fire in April, sharing a menacing image of the towers burning once again.  

The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces declared a ‘total elimination’ of ISIS forces in Syria earlier this year after flushing out the last fanatics in their Baghouz holdout.

The fall of Baghouz marked the militants’ territorial defeat and the end of their self-declared Islamic caliphate over parts of Syria and Iraq. 

However, security chiefs believe the terror group and its followers could still carry out attacks. 

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Sassy Liberty


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