‘Kill Em, Boy’: Guy Tells Pit Bull To Attack Cops, Dog Has A Much Better Idea

A Florida man was bitten by his pit bull after he attempted to get the animal to attack police officers trying to arrest him.

Avery Davis, 26-year-old, from Riviera Beach, Florida was bitten in the buttocks by his pit bull  and tried to bite his head before Davis ran and hid in a nearby apartment complex, according to the Riviera Beach police report.

Davis, who was with his dog and reportedly carrying hair care products, was told by officers to lay on the ground. He obeyed their orders while hugging his dog.

Then Davis changed his mind and reportedly told the officers, “Y’all gonna have to kill us,” before getting up off the ground and running away.

Davis was hit with a stun gun, which caused him to fall to the ground, but he soon got back up and started running again.

That’s when he released his pit bull from its leash, pointed at the officers and instructed the dog to, “Kill’em boy, kill’em.”

The dog did not go after the officers, but it did attack Davis. The pit bull bit him on his buttocks and tried to bite his head before Davis ran to a nearby apartment complex to hide, according to the police arrest report.

Davis was found hiding under an SUV in the apartment complex.

He was hospitalized before being released into police custody, the New York Daily News reported.

Davis has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and one count resisting an officer with violence.

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