Kid Rock Launches Senate Campaign Web Site

Robert James Ritchie has launched a site for a possible run for the Senate.  Ritchie better known as Kid Rock has a populist appeal in Michigan and would likely garner much support from the common working man or woman just as Trump did when he turned the state red in 2016.  Many people are going crazy and wondering if Kid is really planning to run for Senate.

Kid Rock tweeted:


Rumors Kid Rock was considering a run surfaced soon after President Donald Trump’s victory in November. While some party activists see in Kid Rock what they saw in Trump — a no-holds-bar political outsider who appeals to working class men and women — others are expressing skepticism that Trump’s path to victory can be repeated.

Hagerstrom was careful to point out that his post was not meant to be a commentary on whether or not Kid Rock would be a good candidate. He highlighted the fact that portions of the Kid Rock campaign website include no disclaimer. He also questioned the corporate involvement of Warner Bros.

“Kid Rock, like President Trump, has a populist appeal — especially in Michigan,” Joseph Guzman, a Trump campaign co-chair and professor at Michigan State University told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “I think the level of interest in this campaign shows the vulnerability of the incumbent.”

If he decides to enter the race, Kid Rock would be the third candidate to officially enter the 2018 Michigan Republican Senate Primary along with Detroit-area businesswoman Lena Epstein and former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Robert Young. Detroit Businessman and Iraq War veteran John E. James is also reportedly mulling a bid.

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