Kelly Clarkson Is Being Accused Of Child Abuse Because Of This Video; What Do You Think?

Many condemned singer Kelly Clarkson for feeding her 2-year-old daughter Nutella, with some going as far as to call her abusive (video below).

On April 8, Clarkson, 34, uploaded a video onto Instagram of her daughter, River Rose, tasting the sugar-rich treat for the first time.

“River, do you like Nutella?” Clarkson asks the little girl.

“Yeah,” the toddler joyfully responds, before breaking out into a happy dance.

Many social media users replied far less enthusiastically.

“Nutella is PACKED with sugars,” wrote one person. “Don’t make your kids blow up.”

“Nutella is hella bad for you,” added another.

One person called Clarkson’s video an example of “child abuse.”

“Giving food like this to a child is child abuse,” the commenter said, while another person said Nutella was “confirmed to give cancer.”

Such claims likely stem from highly debated 2016 articles arguing the palm oil in Nutella may be carcinogenic if heated above 392 Fahrenheit, reports Quartz.

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While the European Food Safety Authority is investigating these risk further, it did not advise consumers to stop eating foods containing the oil.

“There is absolutely zero substantial evidence to suggest that Nutella increases cancer risk,” said Jaclyn London, a registered dietitian, who is the nutrition director at the Good Housekeeping Institute. “No single food product can increase your risk of chronic disease in isolation!”

London praised Clarkson for uploading the video.

“Enjoying indulgent foods together with family can be a part of a healthy diet and long-term relationship with food,” London says. “I love that Kelly shared this very fun and sweet moment.”

London is not the only one defending Clarkson.

Many accuse critics of “mommy-shaming.”

“Everyone should love this adorable video,” wrote Caroline Picard in an opinion piece for Good Housekeeping. “Mom shamers, get off your (extremely) high horses.”

“How is feeding Nutella to your own child child abuse,” agreed an Instagram user.

“I think that it is fine to give her Nutella but just not in large quantities and in the video there wasn’t really much on the toast,” the commenter added. “Just let her be a mother who is trying to raise her daughter.”

“Some people need to get a life. It’s freaking Nutella, not rat poison,” said another person. “If you genuinely think giving your child Nutella is child abuse, then you must have a super warped idea of what true abuse really is. God forbid a parent give their child a little sugar! What do you think is in all candy that will be in your kids Easter basket on Sunday???”

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