Kayaker Paddles For His Very Life [VIDEO]

Kayaking is not considered a contact sport.  But for one kayaker making his way along Mobile Bay near Spanish Fort, Alabama, it could have become one.  As he was making his way along, he slowed to almost a stop near some reeds, before continuing on his way.  In the reeds was an alligator, who decided the kayaker could make a fine meal and it began to follow the kayaker.  The beast started closing ground and the kayaker picked up his speed and being careful not to tip the kayak over for obvious reasons.

 A kayaker was caught on video attempting to out-paddle an alligator in Mobile Bay near Spanish Fort, Alabama.

The heart-stopping footage which lasts just 15 seconds, was caught on camera by Shannon Collins. It has been viewed nearly 270,000 times since it was posted on Sunday.

Shannon said that she was eating at a restaurant when the man in the kayak appeared.

Following just feet behind, an alligator can be seen stealthily approaching.

The kayaker begins to paddle faster as the deadly reptile gets closer.

Eventually the man paddles out of view and it is not clear what happens to him.

‘When you really really really don’t want to tip over your kayak…’ Shannon wrote on her Facebook page.

As the man hovered in the water, it was long enough to tempt the gator to leave its hiding place and follow the man in the kayak.
Shannon said that she then spoke with the man once he had made it back to shore.

‘The kayaker was an avid outdoors-man who was used to seeing lots of gators,’ she wrote. ‘He was very nonchalant when we talked to him at the shore…not at all panicked (like I would have been!).’

H/T The Mail Online

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZHzimx51_o]

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