Kasich BLASTS Immigration Order, TRASHES Trump and Administration by Name-calling

WashPo Reports: Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who ran against President Trump in last year’s Republican primary race, criticized Trump’s immigration order on Sunday over its rollout and consequences, saying the directive was “ham-handed” given that it has “sowed so much confusion” among international travelers and “sent a message that somehow the United States was looking sideways at Muslims.”

“In probably many Arab capitals today, people are like, ‘What is America doing?’ ” Kasich said.

But the anger Kasich voiced in a phone interview with The Washington Post was directed less at Trump than at White House aides over their handling and implementation of the executive order.

“Frankly, when I look at this, I think he was ill-served by his staff,” Kasich said. “If I were the president, I’d be very upset with the staff — that they didn’t say, ‘Hey, wait hold on a second.’ Because that’s what executives do. They have people around them that help them to understand, ‘Hey, your message is fine, but here is what’s going to come from it.’ ”

E. Goldstein

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