Karma Has Just Bit Traitor Mike Pence Hard!

 Karma Has Just Bit Traitor Mike Pence Hard!

Mike Pence is one of the most heinous Republicans in the country.

He turned his back on Trump and his 75 million+ supporters at a time when he could have saved the country from communist takeover

And we now know that Pence was the one who put a bunch of #NeverTrump traitors in Trump’s White House

Mike Pence, like Bill Barr, was clearly a stooge. Both were there to deceive President Trump and his supporters, as well as to offer cover for him.

Mike is finally experiencing the benefits of his labor.

It’s no secret that Pence aspires to be President in 2024, but what recently happened should serve as a warning to him and others that MAGA – who make up the majority of the Republican Party – will never accept him… And based on what transpired, nobody wants Mike Pence.

The following is according to the National Pulse:

An overwhelming majority of the America First base wants President Donald Trump to return to the White House in 2024, according to a large National Pulse reader poll, while the MAGA faithful appear to have completely lost interest in former Vice President Mike Pence.

When asked, “Who is your preferred Republican candidate for 2024?” a whopping 67 percent answered Donald Trump. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is in second place with 17% of the vote. Only 3% of the population is for the third place.

The rest of the field was as follows:

  1. President Trump (67%)
  2. Governor DeSantis (17%)
  3. Mike Pompeo (3%)
  4. Nikki Haley (3%)
  5. Senator Rand Paul (2%)
  6. Other (2%)
  7. Senator Ted Cruz (2%)
  8. Senator Tim Scott (1%)
  9. Governor Kristi Noem (1%)
  10. Senator Tom Cotton (1%)
  11. Senator Josh Hawley (1%)
  12. Vice President Mike Pence (0%)

Over the course of three weeks, 31,152 people cast votes in the survey.

I’m not sure how much more explicit we can be to these establishment RINOs.

We’ve had enough of them, and we’re not going to reward traitors.

The game they’ve been playing for decades has come to an end. Even while they won by removing President Trump from the White House for the time being, things will never be the same.

With more hardline America First policies and politicians, true Americans are moving even more to the right.

Sources: waynedupree.com, thetrureporter.com, thenationalpulse.com



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