• July 19, 2024

KARMA: Entitled Couple Gets Nasty Surprise After Bullying Poor Waitress

 KARMA: Entitled Couple Gets Nasty Surprise After Bullying Poor Waitress

A Prairie Grove, Arkansas, Muslim couple was arrested after they reportedly made terroristic threats to a waitress at a diner.

Daphne Ridenour and her husband, Alan Crawford, allegedly made threats to a waitress after Crawford became upset that his order was taking too long. He also felt that the food was too expensive.

“People like you are the reason we kill,” Ridenour said to the waitress, KNWA reported.

The couple subsequently became the subject of an FBI investigation, which is also looking into incidents involving threats made on social media and by Crawford against a used car salesman.

In 2015, the couple made headlines when they were escorted out of a mall after Crawford was reportedly filming people in stores.

The couple was also the subject of a flyer that circulated on social media asking people to call the police if they were spotted in public. They were dressed in a throbe and hijab. The photo circulated during the time of the funeral for Master Sgt. Josh Wheeler.

“It broke my heart. It absolutely destroyed me. I was in the infantry. The infantry is a brotherhood. The infantry is a bond that is unbreakable. Death before dishonor. We’ll never lose each other. We will never leave each other,” Crawford told KFSM.

“That’s how our country rolls. I couldn’t even go to my own brothers funeral. If i had I would have been treated like a terrorist. This shouldn’t be happening in America.”

Many readers criticized the couple and shamed them for making threats against the waitress.

“These Muslims do not deserve preferential treatment. If anyone else had threatened someone with a gun or verbally threatened them they would have been tried and done prison time. Quit making excuses for these people. One day they will come after you or one of your own. Then will you be so sympathetic to them?” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Here we go. Those two cause all this trouble. Making death threats. And it’s not their first time in trouble. Then to insult society. Their released, how stupid is that. How long till they actually kill someone,” another added.

“Trump needs to send them all of back where they came from and keep them OUT of the United States they are all crazy bullies they think they can come over here and take over and they are and getting a way with it why we look away because if don’t we get in trouble for it that’s NOT RIGHT this is our country we need to stand up people and show them who we are we need to take it back before it to late,” another wrote.

Sources: KNWA, KFSM, Mad World News/Facebook

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