Judge Rules Marilyn Mosby Must Turn Over All Communications..Face Slander Trial

Marilyn Mosby has struck out in her final effort to kill the defamation and slander suits filed against her by the cops involved in the Freddie Gray case. To make matters worse for her, she tried to play cute and got the then chief of police to sign off on the charges. Because of that all of her communications on the case must be given over to the plaintiffs in discovery. We know those communications must contain some pretty damaging stuff, otherwise she would not have fought it so hard. She is being sued by at least five of the six officers she prosecuted.

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A lawsuit against Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, brought by the police officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death, will go forward, a federal judge ruled Monday.

Judge Marvin Garbis denied Mosby’s motion for a stay of all discovery in the case. That means Mosby may have to turn over evidence, including internal emails, to the plaintiffs.

Much of the judge’s ruling rests on the fact that the plaintiffs also sued Major Samuel Cogen of the Sheriff’s Department, who signed off on the charges Mosby’s office prepared.

This probably sounds like a rather dry, technical maneuver in terms of how court proceedings generally play out, but it was an important one. The plaintiffs (the cops in this case) have been seeking all of the departmental correspondence which went into the decision to prosecute them, including emails and other related records.

Mosby had been attempting to argue that those records should be sealed and not subject to discovery because they were “unnecessary” and could cause “irreparable injury” to Mosby’s professional reputation and ability to do her job. Unfortunately for her, a parallel suit against a county sheriff’s department generated the same sort of discovery request and the materials were already turned over, so the judge rejected Mosby’s claim entirely.

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