It is always said that when someone is the director of something or the head of something at a given time that a member of that organization does something horrible the head person has to deal with it.

To put it in an everyday context, if someone at a fast food restaurant messes up your order you might talk to the manager to have them deal with it. When it comes to the FBI the buck usually is supposed to stop with the director.

Now, there are things that can be handled within  department that the director of the FBI doesn’t have to waste his time with. Not every single transgression that is committed has to be personally addressed by the head of an organization.

Then again, there are some things that the head man absolutely has to address without question. There’s just one problem, what if the head man in this case was the one that effectively gave a green light to the horrible thing that was done.

The sabotage that was attempted against the Trump campaign in 2016 by members of the FBI absolutely had to have been green lit by someone further up on the food chain than the lowly FBI agents that tried what they tried to do.

Now, James Comey is starting to have to answer for all of this and it seems he is starting to develop a symptom that many mob bosses develop when they get caught and start getting asked questions.

From 100 Percent Fed Up:

The transcripts from former FBI Director, James Comey’s closed-door testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee last week have been released.


After his testimony, James Comey addressed the press, as he attempted to paint his interview with the committee as a waste of time, suggesting the lawmakers were only interested in discussing Hillary’s emails.


That wasn’t exactly true. Comey was faced with numerous questions related to his role and the role of others in the intelligence community when it came to obtaining the FISA warrants on an active political compaign, only weeks before the election.

When Comey was asked about his refusal to answer questions, he laughed it off and suggested that the media read the transcripts.

Chad Pergram of Fox News helped to summarize the testimony with his tweet, revealing some “Some factoids” about Comey’s testimony.

Some factoids from the Comey interview. Comey said he “didn’t remember” 71 times. “Didn’t know” 166 times. “I don’t recall” 8 times. Also, not a lot of discussion about Clinton’s emails as Comey suggested in the hallway yesterday. Comey to return for a 2nd session on Dec 17

John Cardillo of Newsmax tweeted the perfect summary of Comey’s testimony yesterday, calling James Comey a #Liar:

.’s own testimony supports his firing. He knew nothing, saw nothing, and did nothing. According to Comey, he collected a paycheck and was completely ignorant of the details of the most significant investigations going on at the Bureau.



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