JP Morgan Chase Drops Megyn Kelly After Just Two Shows [VIDEO]

JP Morgan Chase has dropped Megyn Kelly like a bad habit.  Kelly’s guest on her second show is conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.  Many people found this upsetting, especially parents who had children gunned down in both Aurora and Sandy Hook, both of which Jones claimed were faked in order to pass gun legislation.  So was Kristin Lemkau, chief marketing executive with JP Morgan Chase.

She immediately pulled all advertising from NBC because she did not want their commercials linked to Kelly’s interview.  Conservatives and liberals have finally found something they can agree on.  Megyn Kelly is a royal POS.

 Banking company JP Morgan Chase has reportedly pulled its advertising from Megyn Kelly’s upcoming interview with right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Kelly caused an uproar when she tweeted a clip of the interview with Jones, who has claimed that high-profile massacres at Sandy Hook and an Aurora cinema were faked by the government.

Later that day JP Morgan Chase decided to pull its advertising, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The company’s chief marketing officer, Kristin Lemkau, pulled no punches on Twitter.

‘As an advertiser, I’m repulsed that @megynkelly would give a second of airtime to someone who says Sandy Hook and Aurora are hoaxes. Why?’ she fumed.

The former Fox News host shared a preview of her sit-down with Jones, the popular and very polarizing host of InfoWars, following her most recent show on Sunday night.

She later posted the clip on her Twitter account, writing: ‘It was a riveting exchange. Promise you that.’

That comment did not go over well with some however, including Chelsea Clinton.

‘There is no justification for amplifying lies (or a liar), particularly about unimaginable tragedy. I hope no parent, no person watches this,’ wrote the former first daughter, who is the mother of two young children.

Chelsea is also a former NBC employee, working there for three years from 2011 to 2014 as a ‘special correspondent’ for the news division.

The best part is that NBC can’t fire her without giving her tens of millions of dollars.  Life is sweet.

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