• June 13, 2024

Josephine Skriver Saves a Fortune By Limiting Clothes [VIDEO and PHOTOS]

 Josephine Skriver Saves a Fortune By Limiting Clothes [VIDEO and PHOTOS]

Josephine Skriver has more money to spend than most women since she sees little need for clothing in her photoshoots.  Born with a beautiful face and a killer body, she refuses to cover it up because she knows it pays to advertise.

 It appears that Josephine Skriver packed light for her European vacation and is spending it wearing as little clothing as possible.

The 24-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel has spent the last week on vacation in Croatia, and on Sunday shared another picture on Instagram soaking up the sun, this time heading to “hidden beaches” wearing teal bikini bottoms and nothing else.

It was just another in a series of pictures she has shared while on vacation in the beautiful coastal town of Dubrovnik. In almost all of the pictures she has shared from the trip she is sporting just a two-piece swimsuit.

Model recognized for her work with Gucci, DKNY, Victoria’s Secret, and other major fashion lines.

Before Fame
During a visit to New York City, she was encouraged to pursue a career in modeling. Back in her native Denmark, she signed with the Unique Copenhagen agency.

She appeared as an infant in a Danish commercial for Pampers diapers.

Family Life
The Copenhagen-born daughter of a gay biologist and a lesbian computer scientist, she frequently spoke out on behalf of LGBT causes. She has a younger brother named Oliver. She began dating musician Alexander DeLeon.

Associated With
At the start of her career, she modeled at New York Fashion Week for designer Calvin Klein.

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