Jim Jordan VERIFIES Hunter Biden laptop emails, not to mention MEDIA COVER-UP

Rep. Jim Jordan was on Fox on Sunday and emphasized the fact that they have independently verified the authenticity of the emails and laptop in the Hunter Biden scandal that CNN and other fake news outlets CONTINUE to ignore and which STILL has the New York Post locked out of Twitter.

“Maria, they are as real as real can be,” said Jordan. “We have the eye witness, Mr. Bobulinski, who said these are authentic and real and the ‘Big Guy’ in these e-mails does in fact mean Joe Biden, and he himself had spoke to former Vice President Biden, so, this is as real as it gets.”

Of COURSE it is, although even if it weren’t verified they’d have run it long ago if it were about, say, Jared Kushner or Donald Trump Jr.

Jordan also asked the very good question of “Why won’t Joe Biden say they’re not real? If they’re not accurate?

“If these aren’t accurate e-mails why won’t the Bidens say so and why, frankly, why won’t the press asking that fundamental question, that basic question, Mr. Biden are these actually accurate? Is this hunter Biden’s laptop and in fact are you the big guy? They won’t ask him that question but the American people know those facts are true.”

Exactly right. And they aren’t going to. No matter what comes out, Jake and Friends won’t be bringing it up before the election. Here’s an example:

“I mean, it’s amazing here. I mean what Jim just broke down is true,” said Rep. Doug Collins in the segment. “And what is amazing to me is the Biden campaign and the willing accomplices of the media have never denied the authenticity of these documents. They’ve never tried to attack these documents, they just give broad sweeping arguments saying ‘oh, it’s not real.’”

Again, right. They won’t even ask about it, and Biden isn’t answering, and they’re all fine with that. That’s how it works, now. And if you don’t play ball Big Tech censors you, even when you’re a major American newspaper that’s been in business for over 200 years.




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