Jim Acosta Asks Trump a ‘Gotcha’ Question, Trump Hits Back Hard [WATCH]

During today’s coronavirus task force press conference CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta asked President Trump another “gotcha” question but the president was having none of it.


Trump swatted Acosta’s ridiculous question back at him with ease.

“Has your thinking on this evolved? You’re taking it [COVID-19] more seriously now.” the buffoonish so-called journalist Acosta asked the President.

Without even blinking an eye the President hit back brilliantly “I think from the beginning my attitude was that we have to give this country — I know how bad it was, all you have to do is look at what was going on in China, it was devastation. Look at the numbers from China, those initial numbers coming out of China.”

“But you know I read an article today, which was very interesting,” Trump added. They say, “we wish President Trump would give more bad news.” Give bad news.”

“I am not mad about bad news. I want to give people hope. I want to give people a feeling that we all have a chance.”

“I mean, when you saw the numbers and when John and all of you saw those numbers and you’re saying a 100,000-200,000 people, you mean that’s good. A hundred thousand dead people within a short period of time, I want to give people a feeling of hope —”

Boom! That is how it is done.




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