• July 19, 2024

James Woods REVEALS One Picture That EXPOSES Liberal Bloomberg As A Bona Fide Hypocrite!

 James Woods REVEALS One Picture That EXPOSES Liberal Bloomberg As A Bona Fide Hypocrite!

James Woods is one of those people that is fortunate enough to be in a position as far as finances and his acting career goes that he doesn’t have to kiss the butt of liberal Hollywood to beg for a job.

He’s one of those people that’s at a point in his career where he seems to just do projects that he wants to do as opposed to has to do.

Now, James Woods has recently once again exposed a particular liberal hypocrisy that you only see from the most wealthy of wealthy.

Anyone that remembers when the big auto makers came begging to the government to bail them out might have missed when the heads of those companies actually had to testify before Congress as to why they needed the money.

It was so interesting watching them talk and then came the moment when a congressman asked them how they traveled to DC to appear before the committee they were in front of them. Each one replied that they traveled by private jet that costs an excessive amount of money every time it left the ground. That congressman looked like he wanted to jump across the table.

Via Conservative Tribune:

It’s a new year, and a new Twitter post from actor James Woods is getting attention for taking decisive aim at the establishment media.

His powerful New Year’s Eve tweet was also a twofer, hitting at media mogul and potential 2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg.

And the picture said it all — Bloomberg alighting from a private jet, an experience few Americans will ever have, but one that’s routine for the billionaire class.

Woods’ point about Bloomberg’s hypocrisy is valid. Virtually every moment during the businessman and former New York City mayor’s appearance on  “Meet the Press” on Sunday was spent talking about climate change and energy.

In the meantime, he travels by private jet. Bloomberg and his green energy buddies might make a lot of noise in the media about energy conservation and lowering human impact on the environment, but it’s tough to think of a mode of travel that uses more fuel and is less friendly to the environment.

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