Israeli Authorities Release Video of Terrorists Preparing Attack [VIDEO]

On July 14th, three terrorists attack police on Temple Mount, killing two officers.  Their comrades reacted immediately and killed all three terrorists.  Since the Temple Mount security is so tight, there were questions as to where the weapons came from and how the terrorists got possession of them.  Israeli authorities released a video, showing step by step, how it was done.

 According to The Jerusalem Post, the three attackers and a fourth accomplice who smuggled in the weapons were caught on video entering the area and making their preparations for the deadly assault.

All of the men entered the compound separately through Herod’s Gate and proceeded to the Al Aqsa mosque. One of the attackers was momentarily stopped for questioning before being allowed to proceed. The three attackers later left the mosque and met up in an ally to change their clothes and conceal the weapons that had been brought in by the accomplice in a backpack prior to launching their murderous sneak attack on Israeli police.

The Times of Israel identified the three attackers — all cousins from the town of Umm al-Fahm — as 29-year-old Muhammad Ahmed Muhammad Jabarin, 19-year-old Muhammad Hamad Abdel Latif Jabarin, and 19-year-old and Muhammad Ahmed Mafdal Jabarin.

The two murdered Israeli police officers were identified as Kamil Shnaan and Haiel Sitawe. Their deaths were immediately avenged by other police officers at the scene who engaged the armed trio with gunfire and ended the assault by killing the terrorists.

Following the attack, Israeli officials made the rare move of shutting down the entire compound in order to search for additional weapons or attackers, according to Breitbart.

Once the search was complete and the site re-opened to the public on Sunday, cries of protest rang out from Palestinians and other Arabs due to the installation of metal detectors at all of the gates of the compound.

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