ISIS is Testing Chemical Weapons on Syria

After Iraqi forces recaptured Mosul from ISIS, they found documents at the university in Mosul that says that ISIS used the university to test chemical weapons including one that’s based on a rat poison and one with nicotine and other readily available chemical agents.  Since Iraq recaptured Mosul, ISIS was forced to move their chemical experiments to Syria.  Recently, ISIS has recruited chemical experts from around the world and have brought them to Syria with the thought in mind to use these weapons on the West.

 Horrifying experiments are being carried out on ISIS prisoners as the terror group tries to develop chemical weapons, documents reveal.

Iraqi special forces have uncovered details of the use of human ‘guinea pigs’ – who died during testing – after Mosul University was recaptured from jihadists.

Papers seen by The Times show terrorists have been using easily-obtainable pesticides to develop chemical weapons in experiments likened to Nazi research.

It comes after it emerged ISIS has recruited weapons experts from around the world and shifted its research operation to Syria.

British and US intelligence services, which have verified the documents, fear the weapons could be used on targets in the West.

Shocking details of the cruel experiments reveal that one man, who died after 10 days, was fed thallium sulphate, which caused severe swelling to his stomach and brain.

Thallium sulphate is a highly poisonous agent which has been used as rat poison.

In a second documented experiment, a nicotine agent was injected into a man held captive by ISIS, and he died within two hours, The Times reports.

Chemical weapons expert Hamish de Bretton-Gordon told the newspaper: ‘This is a horrifying throwback to the Nazis who would test nerve gas agents on humans.’

The university was recaptured in January, having been used by jihadists for chemical weapons testing for three years.

Since the city was recaptured, ISIS has moved its research operation to Syria.

This week it emerged that a cell is working on its chemical arsenal within the Euphrates River Valley.

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