ISIS Celebrates Christmas By SADISTICALLY Burning Two Captives Alive [VIDEO]

The Islamic State released a video Thursday showing two captive Turkish soldiers burned alive while chained to the ground.

The video begins with a Turkish ISIS fighter calling for “destruction to be sowed” throughout Turkey. The savage video is likely to inflame public sentiment in Turkey, and draw fierce response from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The graphic video is similar to ISIS’s 2015 video, showing a captured Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage. Turkey confirmed two of its men went missing last month, during routine operations in northern Syria.


The video footage you are about to see is unedited.

Due to the EXTREME GRAPHIC NATURE, viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised.

If you have problems with nightmares, have a weak stomach or the sight of violence has been known to cause fainting spells DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!

The PASSWORD to watch the video below is ->123456 <-

The PASSWORD to watch the video above is ->123456 <-

ISIS Celebrates Christmas By SADISTICALLY Burning Two Captives Alive from Matt Duncan on Vimeo.

Turkey shut down all social media in the country in the wake of the video, likely to keep the video from causing an uproar. The video also comes after a fierce battle between Turkish Security Forces and ISIS in the northern Syrian town of Al-Bab. Turkey invaded northern Syria in August to keep Kurdish militia groups from establishing too permanent of a base.


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