ISIS Burns Mother And Her Four Children For “Leaving The Caliphate”

WeaselZippers-– A security source in Kirkuk Province revealed that the Islamic State burned a family of five persons (a mother and four children) for leaving the land of caliphate, southwest of Kirkuk, Alsumaria reported on Saturday.

Members of the Islamic State burned a whole family that consisted of a mother and four children (three girls and a 9-month-old boy) in Hawija, for leaving the land of caliphate and fleeing toward Kirkuk, the source said.

The Islamic State captured the family on the road linking between al-Riyad area and Hamrin Mountains, and burned them in front of a group of civilians, who were in their way toward al-Alam area east of Salahuddin, the source added on condition of anonymity.

The members of the Islamic State tied up the mother and her children, then poured crude oil over them and set them ablaze, the source further explained.

E. Goldstein

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