Is Trump Still Wearing His Presidential Seal?

The left cannot stand that the American people love President Trump despite their attempts to crush him.

They have thrown out every scheme to destroy him, but that has only made people more resolute in supporting him. Trump is the people’s president, which is exactly what the left cannot stand.

Trump is the first man in a long time that heard what Americans were frustrated about and listened.

He did not stand on the stage, talk down to the people, or give fake platitudes. He knows that we are well aware of what is happening in our country and that we elected the officials to be our voice.

This is why he is loved and why he will always be our president, which is seen today.

In his latest speech in  Pennsylvania, Trump wore an interesting jacket.

While toughing out the cold and rainy weather in Pennsylvania during his rally last week, trump wore his Presidential rain jacket.

The black rain jacket also had on it the U.S. Presidential seal.

Take a look:

Now take a look at the U.S. Presidential Seal:

Now, Trump is not the type of man to lack rain jackets.

The man is a billionaire!

He more than likely specifically wore the U.S. Presidential Seal to declare he still is the people’s president symbolically.

Watch Trump’s full speech here:


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