• June 15, 2024

Desperately Seeking Ivanka, Intruder Arrested At Trump Tower

 Desperately Seeking Ivanka, Intruder Arrested At Trump Tower

A police spokesperson said that last night they had arrested a man that tried to gain entry to Trump Tower, telling Secret Service agents that he was a Senator and needed to meet with Ivanka Trump. The man, whom officials identified Adames Benitez age 52 from the Bronx claimed to be there to discuss Ivanka’s clothing line.

Police said that at the time of his arrest, Benitez was wearing a bulletproof vest and was armed with two throwing knives. In addition, Benitez had a forged New York State identity card according to an ABC news reports. Authorities confirmed that Benitez will face charges for that as well as for criminal possession of a weapon due to the knives.

Benitez is also alleged to have had a tied off sock with a weight in it, according to the arresting officers. Police said that the man was taken to a psychiatric facility for evaluation, due to the strangeness of his claims during their encounter. Mr. Benitez not only said he was a senator, but claimed that he owned Trump Tower.

Unfortunately for Mr. Benitez, he would not have been able to meet Ms. Trump even if he had gotten through security. Ivanka is currently traveling with the Presidental Party and her husband in Europe for the G-20 summit. Ms. Trump’s clothing line has been making headlines ever since a leftwing sponsored boycott backfired and led to increased sales. Other designers have criticized Trump and used opposition to her clothes to promote their products.

ABC News reported that it is unclear whether Benitez currently has a lawyer or if one will have to be appointed for him, who can comment on the charges.


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