BAH HUMBUG: Indiana Town Forced to Remove Cross From Christmas Tree [VIDEO]

An Indiana town has removed the cross on its Christmas tree and resolved never to put it back, rather than put up with a lawsuit filed over the religious symbol.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit on behalf of a town resident alleging the placement of the lit up cross on top of the town Christmas tree is an unconstitutional violation of church and state, a local outlet reported. Afraid they would lose the lawsuit and be forced to pay expensive legal fees, the town council voted to remove the cross for good.

“It is with regret and sadness that the Knightstown Town council has had the cross removed from the Christmas tree on the town square and is expected to approve a resolution at the next council meeting stating they will not return the cross to the tree,” the Knightstown Town Council said in a statement regarding the decision.

In response to the lawsuit filed Friday, dozens of people gathered in front of the tree Sunday to pray the cross would be allowed to remain.


The situation even caught the attention of evangelist, Franklin Graham.



E. Goldstein

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