• April 15, 2024

Immigration Resisters Jailed For Bombing Attacks

 Immigration Resisters Jailed For Bombing Attacks

A court has sentenced Three men to prison terms of up to eight and a half years after they were convicted on Friday for committing bomb attacks against refugee shelters and asylum centers according to a report in Reuters. No one was killed in the attack according to court records, but one man was seriously injured in the bombing spree. A spokesperson for the court said, “All three defendants have a common background in the Nordic Resistance Movement and have gotten to know each other through the movement’s activities.”

According to officials, The Nordic Resistance Movement or NRM was founded in 1997 and is currently described by the government as the most violent national socialist organization in the country. It has even been described as a Neo-Nazi group in the Swedish magazine “Expo”.

Reuters News Service reports that the three men, aged 23, 50 and 20, were sentenced to eight years and six months, five years, and one year and six months in prison, respectively. The charges stem from two bomb attacks and one attempted attack which took place between November 2016 and January 2017. Police records show that the first incident occurred on November 11 when a bomb went off outside a Gothenburg building run by a far-left association. No one was injured in that blast.

That blast was followed almost two months later when on January 5th, a second bomb attack was launched against an asylum home in a suburb of the city of Gothenburg. That attack left one member of the janitorial staff with serious injuries to his legs. Then just three weeks later on January 25th, a third bomb was placed outside another asylum home located in Gothenburg, but that device failed to detonate.

Sweden, which has given homes to the largest number of Muslim refugees per capita than any other country in Europe in 2015. has lately been seeing a major backlash from its citizens. That Backlash is being fueled by a major upsurge in the number of crimes in the country. Investigations of rape and sexual assault cases have many police departments backlogged.

Meanwhile, Police reported dozens of arson attacks against refugee centers that same year. Most of the time, the persons carrying out the arson attacks are not caught. But this time was an exception and the government took full advantage to send a message to other would-be bombers.

The Swedish intelligence service, SAPO, estimates that hundreds of violent extremists in Sweden come from far-right movements. The Nordic Resistance Movement has nearly 200 active members, according to Expo magazine.

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