• April 17, 2024

Illinois State Capitol is Under Lockdown After White Powder Discovered

 Illinois State Capitol is Under Lockdown After White Powder Discovered

A container with white powder was found in front of the office of Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, who was out of town today to attend funeral of a state trooper.  A person was seen being led out in handcuffs but there is no word on whether they is a suspect or whether he tried to leave the building.  State police will not let anyone leave or enter the building.  The legislature was supposed to attempt the override the governor’s veto of the budget.  That has been delayed and all air conditioner units have been shut off.

 Emergency crews are on the scene including hazmat, fire and police. A large area is taped off and reporters outside the building are being told to stay back.

One worker can be seen on a lift outside a Statehouse window. A guard is also stationed in front of Governor Bruce Rauner’s office. Hazmat crews can also be seen inside Rauner’s office.

Governor Rauner is not at the Capitol. He is on his way back from the funeral of Trooper Ryan Albin, who died last week.

The Illinois House is planning on voting on overriding Gov. Bruce Rauner’s vetoes of budget legislation Thursday. The vote should end the nation’s longest state fiscal crisis since at least the Great Depression. The Democratic-controlled House scheduled override votes for Thursday afternoon. Successful overrides would put the budget into law.

Rauner, a Republican, implored the General Assembly on Wednesday to sustain his vetoes of a $36 billion spending plan financed with a $5 billion income tax increase. Rauner says the 32 percent income tax increase “a 2-by-4 smacked across the foreheads of the people of Illinois.”

He decried the lack of spending cuts and money-saving reforms he’s demanded since 2015. Credit-rating agencies are watching closely and have threatened to label Illinois debt “junk” without swift resolution.

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