If You Thought White Privilege Was Bad, The Latest Liberal Complaint Is Beyond Laughable!

The cancel culture has been relatively quiet lately, but now they are back with a new target in sight that will either make you cry or just laugh.

Heck, at this point it could be a little of both.

Now, let me preface that this is not satire at all but how I wish it was just a HUGE joke.

The new group of people that get to act like victims are (drum roll) left-handed people.

I suppose it was inevitable. I mean, items like scissors, pant zippers, and notebooks are apparently all made with right-handers in mind.

Let’s be honest, I have not really paid much attention to it all since I am in the 90 percent of people who are right-handed. Now, my father is a left-handed person and while we often joke that it is a right-handed world, he has made it through life without any disadvantages due to his writing status.

However, according to a slide from a presentation at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, it is the new frontier.

A viral photo posted earlier this month on Twitter by the account Libs of Tik Tok actually shows the presentation and it was titled, “right-handed privilege.”

Among the advantages listed for right-handed people are: “it’s easier,” “sense of belonging,” “the world is organized for right-handers” and “more opportunity.”

The photo was also posted on Instagram, where it has garnered over 87,000 likes.

Newsweek reported that students at UNC confirmed the presentation was not satire.

In fact, it was “part of a mandatory program by the university’s Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, which oversees the 51 fraternity and sorority organizations at the institution.”

“Christina Parle, a leftwing activist and an instructional designer for the company Social Responsibility Speaks, gave the presentation on October 18,” according to Newsweek.

One student told the conservative Carolina Review, “There’s no way the university should be funding [the event] in my opinion.”

Another told the student news outlet, the presentation made him “uncomfortable.”

“It seemed that the speaker was projecting her identity politics onto us,” he added.

Here is more from Western Journal:

The outlet further noted, “Sentiments like these were shared by nearly every student contacted for comment by Carolina Review, yet every student requested anonymity. Often, when the University mandates political ideology to be presented as fact in a required meeting, students are naturally afraid to openly voice criticisms of the program for fear of punishment by the school or their peers.”

Christopher Rufo, a journalist who has covered critical race theory, tweeted various pictures, including from Parle’s presentation, showing that people have really tried to argue this is a thing that should seriously be considered.

Fox News host Dan Bongino, who is right-handed, had some fun with the subject on his program “Unfiltered” last weekend.

He invited The Hill media columnist Joe Concha on the program to discuss the burden he bears as a southpaw.

“What can we do to help you overcome this oppression?” Bongino asked, with Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe also available to offer support.

“I need positive reinforcement at this point, because I am oppressed,” Concha said, tongue-in-cheek.

“What are we talking about here?! Critical hand theory, a professor is actually teaching this,” he continued.

Concha argued if he were paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for his kids’ education, he would want the school to “actually prepare them for real life.”

The columnist went on to point out that four of the last six presidents were left-handers, so maybe it’s not such a disadvantage after all.

Then there’s Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), professional golfer Phil Mickelson and former professional baseball player Don Mattingly, who are all lefties and have done quite well for themselves, Concha further noted.

There is literally no end to the grievances people can dig up to argue that they’re disadvantaged.

It’s time for a cultural shift back to focusing on character and courage and the qualities that really count and away from how life may have dealt various categories of folks a bad hand.






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