Idiotic Chicago Tribune Writer Praises Colin Kaepernick Talent

 Idiotic Chicago Tribune Writer Praises Colin Kaepernick Talent
Diana Goetsch is a writer for the Chicago Tribune.  She is also a certified moron.  She had the audacity to write a column asking why no one has signed Colin Kaepernick to a contract, insisting his stats prove he deserves to be signed.  I see this as proof that she has no idea what the game of football entails.  If this were 2013, you could easily make the case for Kaepernick but this isn’t 2013, it’s 2017.  
Goetsch gave these stats for Kaepernick:
Last year he threw for 16 touchdowns, four interceptions, and had an overall rating of 90.7 — on a terrible team. 
A huge part of the reason the 49ers were a bad team is because Kaepernick ranked 29th among NFL quarterbacks:


29. Colin Kaepernick | San Francisco 49ers

Avg. rating: 3.83 | Change in rating: -30.3% |  2015 rank: T-18

Kaepernick was a dynamic dual-threat QB when the 49ers had a dominating defense, dominating offensive line, two outstanding tight ends and an all-star coaching staff. Without those things, Kaepernick is scrambling to beat out Blaine Gabbert for the starting job under his third head coach in three years. See how that works?

“They have proved you can win with him,” a QB coach said, “but he is a guy you really have to cater to because he really struggled with some of the pro-style stuff from a protection standpoint, and obviously his accuracy has hindered him.”

Voters saw Kaepernick’s performance at Arizona early last season as a giant red flag. Kaepernick wasn’t just bad while throwing four picks during a Week 3 defeat, he appeared lost. Voters have gone from evaluating technical aspects of Kaepernick’s game — a throwing motion that hinders getting the ball up and down the seam, as one offensive coordinator put it — to asking more existential questions.

“There is something missing with him,” another offensive coordinator said. “I don’t know what it is. Maybe it is the desire to play. That is the feeling that I get from watching him and when he talks about football and all you hear. For a guy who has talent like that to be so inconsistent, if he doesn’t love it, he is never going to be that great.”

And how has the team done since his last good season?

San Francisco 49ers


Year Record Finish (Regular / Post Season) Coach
2016 2-14-0 4th — NFC West Chip Kelly Roster / Stats
2015 5-11-0 4th — NFC West Jim Tomsula Roster / Stats
2014 8-8-0 3rd — NFC West Jim Harbaugh Roster / Stats
2013 12-4-0 2nd — NFC West 2-1 – Lost Conference Championship

His personal stats have been dropping for the past 3 years:

Year Team G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck SckY Rate
2016 San Francisco 49ers 12 331 196 59.2 27.6 2,241 6.8 186.8 16 4.8 4 1.2 65T 25 5 36 207 90.7
2015 San Francisco 49ers 9 244 144 59.0 27.1 1,615 6.6 179.4 6 2.5 5 2.0 76T 19 7 28 166 78.5
2014 San Francisco 49ers 16 478 289 60.5 29.9 3,369 7.0 210.6 19 4.0 10 2.1 80T 48 5 52 344 86.4

At his age, his performance is bound to get worse if he were to play again.  NFL owners are whores and they would sign Jack the Ripper if they thought he would help them win.  Sure Kaepernick is hated for kneeling for the National Anthem, but ask yourself this, if he never took a knee would he be playing in the NFL this year?  Of course not.

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