• July 22, 2024

“I Would’ve Punched You In Your Face”: Shaq and Barkley Go At It On TNT

 “I Would’ve Punched You In Your Face”: Shaq and Barkley Go At It On TNT

The best sports studio show on television delivers another must-watch moment.

Last week, we posted about a heated exchange between Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley — the latter of whom criticized Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James as “whiny” for wanting his team’s front office to bring in some more talent to compliment him. We also posted about James’s response to Barkley, in which the three-time NBA champion told ESPN, “screw Charles Barkley.”

The TNT basketball crew addressed the matter once again on Thursday night, and once again, Shaq and Sir Charles went at it. Specifically, O’Neal objected to Barkley’s contention that his comments about LeBron were not personal.

“You took it personal with that man,” O’Neal said. “And he took it personal with you. It’s over now. He said something. You said something. Just let it go.”

“I’m never going to get personal with him,” Barkley said.

“You got personal,” O’Neal shot back. “You said the man didn’t compete.”

Shaq wasn’t through. He went on to say that if he were LeBron…

“I would’ve came right back here and punched you in your face.”

Barkley tried to laugh it off.

“First of all, you’re not a good fighter,” Barkley said.

O’Neal didn’t verbally respond. But the look on his face said it all. (It can be found in the closing seconds of the clip.)

Watch below, via TNT:

Article source - Mediaite
Article source – Mediaite

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