I Never Knew Threesomes Could Be So Dangerous: Multiple Broken Bones

Two women and a man were having a threesome, but it went horribly wrong at one point.  What follows is a comedy of errors, broken bones and a whole lot of embarrassment.  During a positional argument, one of the women leaned against a railing, falling over it ten feet, breaking bones in her legs and feet.  The second woman ran down the stairs to help her but she fell breaking bones in her arm and neck.  Next time I hope the practice safe sex.

 Medics arrived at the apartment where the embarrassed man explained what had occurred.

A newspaper commented on the incident: ‘They better try bondage next time.’

Police said the female victims of the sex game gone wrong were both naked.

The man in the threesome told them that ‘during the lovemaking, there was a positional quarrel’, with one of the ladies leaning against a balcony railing which led to her plunge.

Police added that it was an accident and that no charges will be pressed.

The names and ages of the victims ‘will not be released to spare their embarrassment,’ added police.

Wait til the feminists get involved. Since the man wasn’t hurt, he must be a misogynist.

H/T The Mail Online

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