Husband Yells At Wife For Giving Birth In New Truck, Here’s How She Responds

In a segment on Discovery Channel’s “Untold Stories of the ER,” emergency surgeon Dr. Brian Snyder described a delivery where a husband yelled at his wife for having her baby in the front seat of the couple’s brand new truck. Snyder said the doctors, who were unable to move the mother, Andrea, to a hospital bed in time, decided the only solution would be to deliver the baby inside the truck, according to

The baby was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, but doctors were able to remove it and Andrea gave birth to a healthy girl. The crowd that had gathered around the truck began to clap and cheer as Snyder wrapped the newborn up in a towel. Soon after, Andrea’s husband came back, visibly overwhelmed with emotion, said Snyder, but not because of the birth of his daughter.

“Hun, this is our new car! Our interior was special ordered! You couldn’t have waited 15 minutes?” The man asked his wife, according to Snyder, who said he had misjudged the new dad’s expression, initially thinking he was about to pass out from the sight of all of the blood.

After her husband’s outburst, Andrea punched him in the face. Snyder said there were three people in need of medical help — Andrea had just delivered a baby, the newborn was crying and needed a blanket, and the girl’s father was laid out on the ground, knocked out by his wife’s punch, according to Little Things.

The dramatization of the birth sparked debate in comments over whether the new mom was right to punch her husband after his comments about their car. Many commenters came out in support of Andrea.

“LOL,” said one YouTube, “when she punched him, I was like ‘You go girl!'”

“Good, I would have done the same thing to my fiance if he said some stuff to me like that,” said another user. “Instead when I went into labor he was freaking out more than I was.”

“Literally the whole comment section in a nutshell: HE DESERVED THAT PUNCH,” concluded another user.

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