• July 23, 2024

Husband Finds Out During LIVE Police Raid Show Wife Is a Prostitute [WATCH]

 Husband Finds Out During LIVE Police Raid Show Wife Is a Prostitute [WATCH]

A Russian man discovered his wife was working as a prostitute when he saw her caught on live TV (video below).
Igor Alexeev, a father from Ufa, Bashkortosan, Russia, saw his wife of eight years, Maria, on TV as she was being busted for prostitution, the Mirror reports. Igor has reportedly separated from Maria and won custody of the couple’s 6-year-old daughter, and is now going to court, seeking to prevent Maria from seeing their child.
Igor watched as his wife, wearing black stockings and lacy black lingerie, was pulled away by police at the brothel she had been working at, in a raid broadcast live on TV.
Igor said he researched Maria online, and found her listed prices, saying that his wife charged customers  around $250 for a night of her services.

Igor intends to argue in court that Maria should be barred from seeing her daughter. He said that the 6-year-old should be allowed to grow up without knowing that her mother is a prostitute.
Maria reportedly said that her husband was not providing enough money for the family’s needs, which is why she had to go into sex work. Maria said she was working as a prostitute to help support her family.
Maria faces criminal charges after the police raided the brothel where she had been working, according to Metro.


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