• June 19, 2024

Hundreds Of Cowboys JUST Joined the Freedom Convoy [VIDEO]

 Hundreds Of Cowboys JUST Joined the Freedom Convoy [VIDEO]

The freedom convoy is just getting started and I do not see it fading out anytime soon.

Over the last couple of weeks, thousands of truckers have joined the protest over vaccine mandates that have been passed down by Canadian bureaucrats.

There have been videos being posted showing the massive convoy online that is giving hope that the spirit of liberty is still alive.

However, it isn’t just trucks that are joining together to protest these draconian mandates. A recent video that was uploaded, showed a group of cowboys and cowgirls arriving in Coutts to show their support towards the truckers who are currently forming a blockade there.

Truckers, farmers, cowboys, and other demonstrators have chosen Coutts as a place to hunker down because it borders Montana and Canada and is used as a major crossing site that’s essential to Canada’s supply chain.

Watch the moment the cowboys and cowgirls started their own convoy here:


Alaska Highway News had more on the story:

In Alberta, protesters on horseback have joined a truck blockade of a southern Alberta highway near the U.S. border crossing at Coutts today.

RCMP Cpl. Gina Slaney says more than 100 horses appear to be at the protest against COVID-19 restrictions that began on Highway 4 last weekend.

Slaney says the horses were brought to the scene in trailers, and that food trucks also arrived today.

She says traffic is still moving in both directions across the Canada-U.S. border.

The protesters agreed earlier in the week to open some lanes for traffic so truckers could haul cargo across the border.


While truckers in Alberta are holding the line, Canadians in Ottawa are doing the same:

This is amazing and I hope it continues to grow and that we see something like this on American soil too.

It is time for the world to see that Americans are done with it too and we are still the bastion for freedom!

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