HUGE! Senator and Dr. Reveal HHS Document That Coached Him on How to Over count COVID-19 Cases — WITH COPY OF DOCUMENT

(Gateway Pundit) – Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota physician, and Republican state senator said he received a 7-page document coaching him to fill out death certificates with a COVID-19 diagnosis without a lab test to confirm the patient actually had the virus.

“Last Friday I received a 7-page document that told me if I had an 86-year-old patient that had pneumonia but was never tested for COVID-19 but some time after she came down with pneumonia we learned that she had been exposed to her son who had no symptoms but later on was identified with COVID-19, then it would be appropriate to diagnose on the death certificate COVID-19,” Dr. Scott Jensen said.

Dr. Jensen explained that this is not a normal procedure.

Dr. Jensen said for example if the same patient had pneumonia during flu season and he didn’t have a test confirming the patient also had influenza, he would never diagnose the patient with influenza on the death certificate.


The Gateway Pundit has a copy of the HHS letter sent out to doctors across the country on counting COVID-19 victims.

The document is here.


US HHS Document to Doctors … by Jim Hoft on Scribd



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  • Don’t know about all of you, but every day I read something different about this Covid-19 and every day I become more and more confused. Are we being told to stay home for a legitimate reason, are we being told to wear masks for a legitimate reason? One day the # dead or affected is up, the next day the # dead of affected is down. Someone please give us a clear, clean explanation of what is actually going on. My gut feeling? This virus was set off on purpose by someone. I have my suspicions, but will not reveal that. I don’t want to accuse anyone at this time.

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