• June 14, 2024

HUGE Nuke Strike Warning Issued Against United States By…

 HUGE Nuke Strike Warning Issued Against United States By…

If President Joe Biden was Catholic — as he professes to be  — he would heed the words of Jesus recorded in Matthew 26:52, “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.”

If he were truly Christian, he would put an end to the war dogs that are currently roaming Ukraine.

Biden has the authority to ease tensions with Russia over the Ukraine conflict, but he refuses. He has the authority to urge his politicized Justice Department to get off Trump’s back, but he will not.

One must receive the fruits of one’s labor sooner or later. The Biden administration has caused division both at home and overseas. The harvest appears to be on the horizon. Its fruits may be a little bit bitter.

They could even be toxic.

According to Newsweek, Igor Korotchenko, a Kremlin propagandist and editor of the periodical National Defense, has warned of a nuclear threat against the West related to the Ukraine war. According to Korotchenko, the United States is in risk of a Russian nuclear missile attack.

Many would believe that Russia is simply rattling its saber in order to intimidate Americans. Perhaps they are. After all, stating isn’t the same as doing, is it?

GOP Senator Mike Lee of Utah isn’t so sure. Lee posted a message on X that should be of concern to us all, “When a nuclear-armed adversary threatens to nuke us, we should be concerned. This is just one of many reasons why I insist that, if we’re not prepared to go to war with Russia, we have no business funding a proxy war against Russia.”

Korotchenko said in an interview on the Russia 1 channel, “Russia is being warned and threatened that if we misbehave, or if in Ben Hodges’ opinion, we exceed what he considers to be the necessary permissible lines for the use of all types of Russian weapons, he threatens us with more than just strikes on the Crimean bridge,” according to Newsweek.

Hodges, a retired US Army General, and NATO senior logistics member, has consistently called for Ukraine to be supplied with the weapons of war required to recapture Crimea. Army Tactical Missile Systems are among these weapons. These misle systems would let Ukraine conduct long-range precision strikes on the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow annexed in 2014.

Korotchenko went on to say that Hodges believes the US may consider strikes against Russia’s Black Sea Fleet sites and Russian forces stationed in Crimea to aid the Ukraine struggle. The United States may possibly target Russian naval bases in Tartus, Syria.

Korotchenko believes Hodges’s remarks were “not just statements of a retired hawk” but also an information campaign “designed to influence both us and a Western audience.” Korotchenko went on to say there should be a discussion about “the use and permissibility of tactical nuclear weapons and what goals and what tactics we will use” if they are needed.

It sounds like Korotchenko’s been reading Frederick the Great, who once observed, “Do not forget your dogs of war, your big guns, which are the most-to-be-respected arguments of the rights of kings.”

Perhaps Krotochenko is doing his own propaganda campaign and it’s all bluster? Senator Lee disagrees, and he is not alone.

Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News personality, predicts the United States will be in a “hot war” with Russia within the next year. Carlson stated on “The Adam Carolla Show” that Biden and his team are willing to go to war to win in 2024.

“If your goal is to maintain power … once you start indicting your political opponents, you know that you have to win or else they’re going to indict you if they win, right?” Carlson said on the podcast. “So, they can’t lose. They will do anything to win. So how do they do that?

Carlson claims that COVID-19 or something like that will not work again.

I’ve been there and done that. Fooling the public once is enough; shame on you. They will not purchase it again. So, where does that leave us? Russia is at war with us.

“There will be a hot war between the United States and Russia in the next year … I don’t think we’ll win it, but that’s a separate analysis,” Carlson said. “You should be worried about the prospect of an open war. We’re already at war with Russia, of course. We’re funding their enemies. So we’re fighting Russia. But I mean an open battle with Russia, where we say, ‘We’re at war with Russia.’”

Everyone should be concerned. It’s hardly a game of chicken when a sitting U.S. senator and one of the world’s most well-known political analysts are concerned about World War III. War is not a sport. People perish. Untold numbers of innocent people are slaughtered in a nuclear conflict.

Carlson contended that if Biden went to war with Russia, the president might take war powers. He would subsequently be able to increase the federal government’s power. Power is exactly what the progressives seek.

“I would bet my house on it: We are going to war with Russia,” Carlson said.

He also made it a point to say that a hot war with Russia could be catastrophic for the world because the U.S. and Russia have the two largest nuclear weapon arsenals of all time.

Carlson stated that the US would have to “force peace” between Russia and Ukraine to avert this horrific situation. “We are the only world power that can bring both sides to the table,” Carlson added.

Will the United States sue for peace with Biden in charge? If he was Catholic, as he claims, he would be. But Biden is a liar, a stoolie for the Prince of Lies. Senator Lee and I both agree. We should all be really worried.

And if it’s just bluster, it’s time to lay down the swords and sit at the peace table. Whoever rattles the sword for too long will feel obliged to wield it.

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