How To Open a Can When You Can’t Find Your Can Opener [VIDEO]

Has this ever happened to you?  You feel hunger pangs coming on and you find a can of tuna but can’t find your can opener or it breaks.  What do you do?  Well, if you spend much time on the internet, you probably already know there are hacks for everything and opening cans has one too.

So, what do you need a hammer and chisel?  A blow torch?  Dynamite?  I have to admit that in the past when I have been faced with this dilemma, I have considered all three and more.

 I am sure all of us have experienced a moment like the following: we’re hungry and ready to eat a can of tuna or to open a can of tomato sauce in order to make dinner when we suddenly realize that we can not find the can opener.

While at the time, it may feel like life is over and that you hate your luck, it turns out that there is an easy way to open a can without a can opener. This incredible video by the CrazyRussianHacker shows exactly what you should do if you ever find yourself in that situation again.

Mainly, you will need a rough surface in order to execute the trick. Watch the video below and find out exactly how, but I am telling right now, you will throw your head back in disgust when you realize just how simple and logical this trick is. I was stunned I didn’t think of this myself!

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