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How Much This One Woman Makes From Welfare Will Make You Faint…

 How Much This One Woman Makes From Welfare Will Make You Faint…

Welfare is a state-funded program that is available for Americans in need. This system was created by President Roosevelt during the great depression. The purpose of welfare is to provide temporary reprieve for out-of-work people. However, some people view welfare as means to earn a living. Some of these individuals commit welfare fraud because of this belief.

A Pennsylvania woman received welfare payments for three imaginary kids. When it was all said and done, she made more in welfare over the course of multiple years than most Americans make annually.

Sabrina Strothers, 23, collected $130,000 for three children that never existed. She carried out one of the biggest welfare fraud cases in the history of Pennsylvania.

Strothers said she gave birth to three kids (triplets) when she was 15 years old. Would that not have been a little suspicious that a 15-year-old gave birth to triplets?

Investigators later determined that Strothers claimed to give birth to three children in 2008 named Thomas, Tomalyia, and Tyreik Wilson. When investigators checked their Social Security numbers against government records, they determined the numbers belonged to people born in 1887, 1945, and 1960.

According to reports, Strothers managed to evade detection for years and years, all the way up to this January. A cousin of hers apparently became fed up with her free ride, and reported her to the authorities.

AWM noted that “the fraud was described in its entirety as $36,269 in food stamps, $90,000 in medical care and $2,000 from a fund called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Imagine how many needy, struggling families that tax-payer money could have gone to help over the years!”

Strothers is now facing one charge of theft by deception, and two counts of both forgeries and making false statements during a welfare investigation.

Strothers collected benefits for her imaginary children for 8 years.

After telling investigators that the children lived in Georgia with their father, but not being able to give an address, she finally admitted she had been lying the whole time.

You have to wonder how long her cousin knew about this, but at least Strothers can no longer live off taxpayer money and will now be held accountable for what she did.

Watch the video report here: WOOD TV8/Youtube

Source: AWM

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