How Drunk Did She Have To Be To Get Into This Mess? [VIDEO]

The question is not how to get her out.  The tougher question to ask is how in the hell did she get there in the first place.  All we know is she was very drunk and my guess is that explains it all.  My guess is that she was trying to pole dance upside down when all hell broke loose.  Do you think you know?H/T The Mail Online

A bemused onlooker has captured a very drunk girl hanging upside down while trapped between a pole and wall.

The bizarre clip from the streets of Glasgow shows the girl not moving from her position as a male friend stands and watches.

The fiasco was filmed by James Stewart, who said that the girl was ‘genuinely stuck’ and that he saw her friends rushing to a nearby shop to ask for help in dislodging her.

The clip has been viewer more than 1,000 times after Stewart posted it on his Facebook on Friday.

Stewart added with the video: ‘It’s a girl I was on a bus and 3 of her pals had to run to the shop for help.’

Others were also expressed their disbelief of the scene Stewart had seen and shared.

One viewer asked: ‘How does that even happen?’

Another said: ‘I’ve done some mad things while being drunk, but this right here.’

A curious commentor asked: ‘What is she stuck in? Where are her legs? Where is her head? Why does her pal look so nonchalant?’

H/T The Mail Online

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