House Has Big Plans For Rest of Week

Well apparently, your elected lawmakers in the House of Representatives are just so worn out from doing nothing for the last 6 months, they feel they just have to have a vacation, something normally reserved for workers that have actually done some productive work. But fear not, word came out to the House today that even though the members will be off on taxpayer funded junkets and fact finding missions around the world, they will rapidly return to their duties should the need arise.

Meanwhile, the House lawmakers are still rushing toward the exits as fast as a crackhead chasing a dropped twenty-five dollar rock. But with only two things that could possible need their attention, both very unlikely, it is doubtful the leadership will have to summon them back into emergency session. Those two items would be a nuclear war with North Korea and Senate approval of a bill to repeal Obamacare.

Frankly, a Nuclear War with North Korea is looking much more likely than the repeal of the ACA that the GOP has been promising us for the last seven years. But just to reassure us of their diligence, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy assured the press that “The House will be on call.” Then thoughtfully added; “We will call the House back in to finish the job.”

Of course before they leave, the House has planned on taking charge of an issue that is very important to American taxpayers, they will be voting on a bill that would set up new sanctions on Russia, I guess because all the other ones have achieved so much. In addition, they plan another vote on the one thing they seem to do well, spend money.

The second bill is a massive spending bill, so full of pork and self-indulgences, that they had to include a paltry 1.6 billion dollars to pay for a very small part of the new Southern Border Wall. I guess they figured that would make us all happy and forget that they have done almost nothing this year except back-stab the President and break almost every promise they have made to us, the people that elected them.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan went out of his way to make that funding sound extremely important saying that; “There is a need for a physical barrier on many parts of this border,” we need to get that money passed.

As for the Democrats, not surprisingly, they have objected to the border money, just as they have to every other item that has come before the House since President Trump took office. They are now questioning the need for more fencing and saying the funds should be put into making it easier for legitimate traffic to cross through ports of entry. Maybe they should all just get their self-important heads out of their butts and concentrate on doing the job they were elected to do, namely governing the United States of America under the rules outlined in the Constitution rather than making up their own to appease their freeloading socialist scumbag constituents.

R.L. Grimes

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