Officials Finally Reveal Cause Of Half Naked Hospital Worker’s Death

A hospital worker was found naked in a chair with his laptop open and porn playing on the screen and was allegedly masturbating himself to death.

The 48-year-old man was found about 10 a.m. in an office at the North Central Bronx Hospital.

The man was also naked at the time of his death and appeared to be pleasuring himself.

It was later discovered that the cause of his death was heart attack.

Bronx homicide unit is investigating the case, but police said no foul play was suspected. It appeared the man had partly disrobed and was watching pornography on a computer when he died and the hospital has not made a comment.

In 2013, Belgian researchers did research into the chances of having a heart attack while having sex.

They found there’s more chance of dying after drinking a cup of coffee and more than half of people who have heart attacks aren’t doing anything of any interest at the time of their death.


Sources:  Opposing Views

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