HORRIBLE: Texas Christian university EXPELS student for criticizing BLM on Tiktok

 HORRIBLE: Texas Christian university EXPELS student for criticizing BLM on Tiktok

A Christian university has confirmed that a student is no longer enrolled after a “disciplinary process” resulting from social media posts critical of the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, former Hardin Simmons University student Ashleigh Brock regularly posts political videos on TikTok. Her videos about the Black Lives Matter movement sparked outrage on Twitter.

In one of Brock’s TikTok posts, she pointed out what she characterized as a hypocritical societal reaction between a black person killing a white person, a black person killing another black person, and a white person killing a black person. The video drew harsh criticism after a Twitter account called #blacklivesmatter posted it to Twitter calling for HSU to impose “serious consequences.”

This is Ashleigh Brock, she goes to Hardin Simmons University in Abilene,Tx. There needs to be serious consequences for these actions (in actions I mean racism). Not only has she done it one time but she’s done it multiple times! #ashleighbrockisracist@HSUTXpic.twitter.com/eFjY4PiwHL— #blacklivesmatter (@Thisisnotokay15) June 24, 2020

In another TikTok post, while wearing an HSU t-shirt, Brock said that “all lives matter” and asked why people “freak out when a white person kills a black person,” but do not elicit the same reaction when a “black person kills a white person.” 

“Do black lives matter? Yes, of course. Do white lives matter? Yes, of course. But I’m not gonna sit here and put each one in a group saying this race matters,” Brock said in the video. 

This is just disgusting. You are so entitled. #Ashleighbrockisracist#BlackLivesMatter#fuckashleigh@AshleighBrock8https://t.co/wfMGF10lMepic.twitter.com/XUAasbqWIA— #blacklivesmatter (@Thisisnotokay15) June 25, 2020

In response, the official HSU Twitter account tweeted regarding a  “deeply disappointing and unacceptable social media post by one of our students,” that was “not reflective of the Christian values” of HSU. 

“We are actively investigating and taking decisive action,” the university added.

An open letter was circulated throughout the HSU faculty in response to Brock’s post condemning her actions. 

“We, as members of the faculty of Hardin-Simmons University, denounce racism and repudiate any attempt to dismiss the realities of racial injustice in the United States. We emphatically say Black lives matter,” the letter reads.  

Three days later, HSU President Eric Bruntmyer made a campus address. In the video, Bruntmyer said that Brock’s actions were “wrong” and HSU wants to bring about “meaningful change.” 




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