Homeowner Gets Best Revenge After Neighbor Sends Letter Telling Him Trump Flag In Window “Makes House Disgusting”

President Trump has been triggering liberals since the day he announced he was running for President of the United States.

Since he was elected, teachers in public schools have been bullying kids who support President Trump. Students have been beaten, threatened, and assaulted by other students and by adults for daring to wear apparel that shows support for our president. Republican offices have been destroyed, and private vehicles with Trump bumper stickers have been vandalized.

Neighbors have turned on neighbors, friends on friends, and even family have been disowned over their support for President Trump.

Throughout neighborhoods across America, yard signs can be found in front of homes with messages like the one seen below, that reads, “HATE HAS NO HOME HERE.” These signs are an attempt by the homeowner to prove that they’re better than their Trump-supporting neighbor. In their eyes, their Trump-supporting neighbor who couldn’t possibly have a shred of decency for daring to keep unvetted immigrants from terror-hotbed nations, from a list of countries created by the Obama regime, from entering America.

All of these acts of “tolerance” have been committed, of course, in the name of “love” and “compassion.”

One homeowner, who was unwilling to be bullied by the left into submission, took things into his own hands when a neighbor wrote a letter expressing their disgust in the Trump banner hanging from a window in front of their newly remodeled home.

The Trump-supporting homeowner didn’t get angry about their neighbor’s letter. Instead, they gave their neighbor the perfect response to the nasty letter.

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