Home Owner Enters Guest Bedroom: Lucky to Escape With Her Life

 Home Owner Enters Guest Bedroom: Lucky to Escape With Her Life

An older woman al;ways liked to keep her guest bedroom prepared in case someone decided to visit her.  It had been a long time since anyone had come to visit, since they were all busy with their own lives and she had not been in the room in a while and she decided to go in and make sure it was clean and ready for use.  When she opened the door, she heard loud buzzing.  She saw hundreds of wasps and managed to get the door shut.

At first she panicked but then got herself something to drink and calmed herself down, so she could decide what to do.  It worked and she called the exterminator.  John Birkett arrived at her house, put on his safety suit and went in, being careful not to let the wasps out.  It took him over two hours.  He said that if the woman had not gotten out of the room when she did, she likely would have been killed.  Wasps aren’t like bees.  They can keep stinging because their stinger doesn’t come off when they use it.

  For two hours, Birkett worked tirelessly to kill the wasps. In the process, he destroyed and removed the nest. Upon a closer inspection, he admitted that he thought the wasps spent at least three months building their nest in the guest room. They had burrowed so deeply in the mattress, they would have needed at least that much time to make it happen.

The homeowner was shocked that she had not had a guest in three months.

Birkett did have some mixed feelings about doing his job that day. He thought the nest was a work of art and felt some qualms about removing it.

You can be certain that this woman will be checking every room in her house more frequently now. No one wants a swarm of wasps to build a gigantic nest on their guest bed.

“I have mixed feelings about killing the wasps, because you don’t want to kill anything, but you have to do it because they were a pest,” he added.




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