HOLY COW: Elon Musk May Have Just Shot Himself In The Foot!

I will be completely honest and say that I have never been a fan of Twitter, but ever since Elon Musk decided to jump in and purchase it, I had to jump on and see what all the fuss was about.

Just watching the liberals break down and cry on the site has been amazing entertainment and well-worth the scrolling to see their temper tantrums.

One of the big questions swirling around Elon Musk purchasing the site is if he would reverse the ban on President Trump. We all know that Trump has repeatedly stated that he would not return to the site, but he should be unbanned no matter what, right?

Well, it appears that Musk plans to do, and many think that reversing Trump’s ban right now would be a giant misstep for Elon.

Some think that if Musk were to say now, the liberal Regime would throw everything at him to stop the sale from going through.

We all know it’s not completed, and many people are trying to stop the sale.

This announcement will make it 1000 times worse.

There are many people saying that they had wished he would’ve stayed “clandestine” on this topic.

Maybe that’s just me being (understandably) paranoid, but announcing you’re allowing Trump access to his 80-some million followers and that massive pulpit will put the fear of God into Deep State, The Regime, and the GOP establishment.

All bets will be off if you ask me.

But Elon is determined to do it because he says the ban was “morally wrong,” and “flat out stupid.”

I can’t argue with that… he’s right. It should have never happened.

You can watch the video below:

If the sale goes through, it’ll be fully up to President Trump if he wants to use his Twitter account or just stay on Truth, and that’s how it should be.

His choice. 

Taking President Trump off of Twitter was part of the entire 2020 scam… it’s about time that this wrong is reversed.

Let’s just hope this sale goes through and Elon has a chance to make it all right again.


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