Hollywood Hasbeen Samuel L. Jackson Just Said Something About The Supreme Court That Is Totally Vile…

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade is still sending shockwaves through the liberal camp. Instead of the left realizing that this decision in NO WAY outlaws abortion, they are hell-bent on spreading misinformation to low-information voters about this ruling.

The left has been busy spreading that this ruling will make everyone have a baby even if the mother’s life is in danger, or in the case of rape and incest.

Now, I am not an advocate for abortion for any reason, but that is me and I have no issue with exceptions to the ruling that states agree to.

However, as we all know logic and common sense are not how the left works. They need to foment their base into an all-out panic which causes more division, fear, and ultimately chaos.

That is their plan so that they can push their global stranglehold on the country in the name of unity.

Just take a look at social media over the weekend for evidence of these tactics from the left.

For example, on Saturday, Samuel L. Jackson criticized Justice Clarence Thomas in a tweet.

Now, Justice Thomas can handle criticism just fine, but what Jackson did here was just a low-blow and highly inflammatory.

Jackson referred to Thomas as “Uncle Clarence” and made fun of the judge for his stance in the famous abortion case.

How does Uncle Clarence feel about Loving v. Virginia being overturned? Jackson tweeted something.

Interracial marriage restrictions were declared unlawful in the civil rights case Loving v. Virginia. Ginni Thomas is White and is married to Thomas, a Black man.

Here is more from Wayne Dupree:

All of the liberals’ well-known logical errors are about to be revealed. On their list, this particular one is ranked first. This is a personal attack. Attack the person’s character if you don’t like your opponent’s stance and yours is weaker. People who exploit logical fallacies repeatedly expose their own flaws.

“Uncle Clarence” is perhaps an insulting allusion to the fictional slave “Uncle Tom,” who is frequently connected with submitting to a White ruling elite. Jackson is not the only individual to make race a factor in the most recent Supreme Court decision.

When people don’t receive what they want, it’s astonishing how the shaming and the illogical leaps to unrelated concerns occur. 1) Overturning Roe and the “other significant issues” addressed in the article have nothing to do with race. 2) Roe has nothing to do with race. Why therefore the irrational leap and the shaming? He chose to insert race into the conversation when it wasn’t there to begin with simply because he had no other logical justification.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, members of the Congressional Black Caucus are pleading with President Biden to issue a national emergency declaration.

The members want Biden to step in because the decision transferred the legality of abortion to states, nearly a dozen of which have so-called “trigger laws” that forbid or restrict abortion.

The members wrote in a letter that “every day we wait to act is a day spent in mitigating the public health calamity that Roe’s destruction will ignite.”

In a concurring opinion, Thomas said that, in the wake of the Roe v. Wade decision, several other significant decisions regarding same-sex marriage and contraception might be reviewed.

This is merely another instance of individuals responding to erroneous information, to be clear. Even the late Justice Ginsberg believed that the Roe v. Wade ruling was not supported by a strong legal foundation and that the Constitution did not guarantee the right to an abortion. Abortion is not prohibited, end of the story.

The choice of what each state’s citizens desire now rests with them. Are there restrictions on the timing of abortions? under what conditions? Vote in favor of whatever is best for your state. The rest is just noise to hide the fact that our country’s legislatures haven’t done their jobs; that’s where your power lies.

Another famous person has no idea how the Constitution operates or what the true significance of Roe v. Wade was. Abortion wasn’t the topic. It has to do with privacy rights.

The Constitution makes no mention of privacy. The Tenth Amendment, which delegated authority to the states, must be used whenever the federal government lacks jurisdiction over a matter that is not covered by the Constitution.

Abortion was not made lawful by Roe v. Wade. Abortion was not made illegal by overturning Roe v. Wade.

This individual, like many others, amassed millions of dollars by engaging in imaginative play. The majority of them have no connection to the reality that most people live in on a daily basis.


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