His Last Wish Is To See Wife Of 66 Years Once Last Time, Floats Off To Heaven With A Smile

As reported by AWM: There are few relationships that can stand the test of time and still come out shiny in the end. Wedding anniversaries are celebrated for a good reason. Anyone who has been in  a relationship knows that they are built on trust, love and commitment. One couple has proven that love can still thrive, even after 66 years of marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. Feng of China,92 and 95, had been married for 66 years, longer than most. So, when Mr. Feng was living his last few hours, he wanted nothing more than to see his wife one last time, even if it was to simply touch her hand. Both Mr. and Mrs. Feng were being treated at the Yingzhou People’s Hospital in Ningbo for separate conditions. The couple had been unable to see each other for more than a month, as Mr. Feng was being treated in the Intensive Care Unit for serious heart disease and Mrs. Feng was being treated on the 14th floor for bone fractures.

Along with heart disease, Mr. Feng also suffered from Multiple Organ Disfunction Syndrome and he only had hours to live. He wanted to die in the privacy of his own home surrounded by his family, but his wife was still bed-ridden in the hospital. After his family filled out the appropriate paperwork and were getting ready to discharge him, Mr. Feng suddenly had a bout of reluctance.
“Dad, have you decided to continue treatment?” his daughter asked.

“I have not seen my wife for a long time and I miss her,” said Mr. Feng, who simply wanted to see his wife one last time. After his children spoke with the doctors, the staff set up a time and a place for the two to meet up in the hospital, both in their individual beds. It was Mr. Feng’s dying wish.

As the two were wheeled beside one another, they held hands and shed tears. “I will take care of myself. After I recover, I will [go home] to find you,” said Mrs. Feng.

As the exchange was taking place, a nurse by the name of Wang Yanfang was so moved that she snapped a photo of the two of them. “I don’t know if I would be able to experience something this touching at the end of my life,” said Wang.

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The photo had been taken just two hours before Mr. Feng passed away, and spread quickly through social media in China.

Commenters were inspired by the commitment that Mr. and Mrs. Feng had to one another…

“Today, every one treats marriage as endless fun vacation, little problem and each party wants out,. Look at this couple, I am sure it was not all picture perfect, but they honored their commitment to each other.”

“What a fitting end to their enduring love for each other.”

“Deserves world wide coverage without doubt because that is what real Marriage is all about ( from 60 years old married couple).”

“I have tears rolling down my face silently. This has to be one of the most moving reports and yet it must go off daily around the world.”

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