• July 14, 2024

Hillary, Soros, and Hillary’s Idea of Doing Good

 Hillary, Soros, and Hillary’s Idea of Doing Good

After Clinton and her campaign sycophants were unsuccessful via their machinations to subvert, corrupt, and steal the election, many of her minions having sought other forms of employment. Said employment was provided by George Soros funded groups, and it includes burning buildings, assaulting Trump supporters, and terrorizing neighborhoods.

And to what should be a surprise to no one, Clinton has been silent. In her quasi-concession speech the morning after the election, and having she had her “Depends” handed to her by President-Elect Donald J. Trump, Clinton opined that “the scripture” said that “we” were not supposed to “grow weary in doing good” because “you’ll be victorious if you don’t faint.” Which was a pathetic attempt by the daughter of satan to misuse the word of God, Galatians 6:9 to be exact.

soros-burnThe extent the children of darkness, who are the progeny of satan, will go to subvert biblical scripture cannot be overstated. We have witnessed “Golf Bag Barry” Obama do the same thing numerous times.

It is important to note that Clinton and Obama never quote John 3:3 or John 6:69. In condemnation of both Clinton and “the golf bag” I offer Romans 1:22-32.

What should be glaringly obvious is that if Clinton gave a rat’s tail about America, and/or doing good, she would hold a press conference and demand the abhorrent behavior of those rioting and protesting cease immediately. She would say that losing was difficult and painful, but (despite her best efforts to cheat) President-Elect Trump won fairly, and in America people do not act like hyenas with rabies because the outcome of an election wasn’t to their liking.

But Clinton won’t do that because the rabid behavior of the rioters and protesters feeds her jaundiced ego. Neither will Obama intervene in the interest of civility. The rioting and violence makes Clinton feel wanted as she basks in the ashes and filth of the perpetrators of violence. However, Obama’s silence is emblematic of his stated belief that rioting and violence is necessary if there is to be a revolution that results in a neo-Marxist government.

It shows beyond any shadow of doubt that Clinton isn’t interested in the well being of America; she is interested only in advancing her own selfish pursuits.

If she were interested in “doing good” she would stop advancing the idea that women murdering their children as a form of birth control is to be celebrated.

If she were interested in “doing good” she would not have cheated, lied, and committed herself to a lifetime of crime.

If she were interested in “doing good” she wouldn’t have led the attack squads on the women her husband raped, molested, and assaulted.

If she were interested in “doing good” she would realize the sanctity of the “Office” she sought is one steeped in the firm and undeniable belief of our forefathers that America was built and rests upon the Word of God. She would recognize that we are a country founded upon a system of laws, and that no one, not even her, is above the law and/or the Godly principles America was founded upon.


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