Hillary Refuses To Congratulate Gold Medal Gun Winner & Congratulates Another Instead

The first gold medal was won over this past weekend, and to the horror of liberals, it was in a gun event. After the 19-year-old woman won you could hear the minds of liberals explode in unison, and then go silent. My guess is that these social justice warriors have been hiding in their safe spaces, while they collectively facepalm, and hang their heads in shame.

Hillary Clinton, in typical liberal fashion, did not congratulate the gold medal winner but chose to celebrate another athlete that fit her narrative.

Is anyone truly shocked by this blatant political correct sentiment? I am not, and I hope no one else is either.

This is par for the course when it comes to liberals. They pick and choose what platform will only benefit their particular narrative and demean others.

Instead of her congratulating the young woman for winning America’s first gold medal, Clinton chose to ignore her and her tremendous accomplishment. That is not what a leader does, and this is just the beginning of what a Hillary Clinton presidency will look like.

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