• June 15, 2024

Hillary Clinton Under 2 Investigations: Security Clearance To Be Pulled

 Hillary Clinton Under 2 Investigations: Security Clearance To Be Pulled

Many people aren’t aware of it but Hillary Clinton still retains her security clearance from the State Department, despite the fact she was so careless with it when she was still Secretary of State.  That means not only did she handle classified documents carelessly as Sec of State but that she may be continuing the practice.  Many republicans called for her clearance to be pulled but it wasn’t.

Now, Hillary is under investigation by Sen Grassley in his committee, the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is investigating Hillary for trying to strong arm the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, even going so far as threatening her son with an IRS audit here in the United States where he was living at the time.  She was trying to prevent a large donor to the Clinton Foundation from being tried for fraud in Bangladesh.

Now, the State Department under the guidance of Rex Tillerson is investigating the way Hillary mishandled classified information for the expressed purpose of pulling her security clearance.  Personally, I would think it would be easier just to lock her up.

 A State Department official told MailOnline: ‘Due to privacy considerations, the Department cannot provide any information regarding any current or former employees’ security clearance or access to classified information.’

Earlier this month Senator Grassley launched another investigation into Hillary Clinton over whether the former secretary of state meddled in a Bangladeshi corruption probe to help a Clinton Foundation donor.

‘This new evidence of pay-to-play and special treatment reinforces the appearance that donations to the Clinton Foundation resulted in favorable treatment by Secretary Clinton’s State Department,’ Grassley said.

The Daily Caller first reported Grassley’s move after the publication’s Investigative Group published a piece in May saying that Clinton had sent top U.S. diplomats to pressure Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheik Hasina, and her son Sajeeb Wazed, as the country investigated Clinton friend Muhammad Yunus for corruption.

H/T The Mail Online


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