Biden Took His Best Shot And Fell Flat On His Face!

 Biden Took His Best Shot And Fell Flat On His Face!

Israel is on fire the border is in crisis, gas is through the roof and Joe Biden is out playing golf.

Imagine if this was Trump and he was out playing golf. You could hear the screeching from the leftists in your head, but nope, this is Biden and he is untouchable since they deemed him worthy of being the leader.

At any rate, while all this is happening Biden took it upon himself to take a trip back to Delaware to golf.

However, by the looks of it, it seems that Biden doesn’t know what in the hell he is doing.

A video that has been making its way around the web appears to show Joe Biden defying physics and hitting a golf ball backward.

Yes, backward!

Check out the moment it happened:

If you look closely it shows he hit a rock which caused the ball to fly back 15 yards.

The Gateway Pundit covered the story and had this to report:

This is beyond pathetic.

Joe Biden golfed Monday morning in Delaware before heading back to the White House.

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Someone captured footage of Biden attempting to golf and it was hideously embarrassing.

Joe Biden is actually worse at golf than we thought. Biden sucks at everything.

Users on Twitter were quick to call out Biden for his awful golf swing:

Maybe Biden should learn from President Trump on how to swing a golf club correctly:

Maybe someone should organize a Trump vs. Biden golf match, you know the ratings would be through the roof, right?

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