High School Bully Picked the Wrong Target and Pays the Price [VIDEO]

The reason that bullies are so successful is that they are good at spotting victims that won’t fight back and won’t tell.  Of course, there are plenty of times when a bully miscalculates his victim.  This is one of those cases.  The school hallway was filled, perhaps during the changing of classes or on the way to or from school.  The bully starts antagonizing a much shorter student in front of him.  He worked his way to immediately in front of the student and sucker punched him.  That’s when the victim picked up the bully and slammed him on the ground before punching him in the face.

 A shocking video shows a student throwing a punch at his classmate, only to be brutally picked up and body slammed in response.

The 26-second video, believed to be filmed in the U.S., has racked up nearly 100,000 views since it was posted to YouTube on Friday, although it remains unclear exactly where it took place.

A crowd of what appear to be high school students are shuffling down a hallway when the confrontation turns violent and ends with one student on the ground.

The clip starts off with one boy in a black t-shirt, appearing to taunt a shorter classmate.

The two continue along the hallway surrounded by other students, when the boy in the black t-shirt walks ahead, turns around and suddenly throws a punch.

But it isn’t long before that turns out to be a grave mistake – the shorter boy then picks up his adversary and flips him onto the ground.
The crowd reacts in shock as the shorter boy then punches him once.

The student who threw the first punch ended up motionless on the ground. It remains unclear if he was seriously injured.

H/T The Mail Online

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